Ox Bow ranch is located along side Holter Lake and the Missouri River, outside of Wolf Creek, MT. This is steep and rugged country, with low rainfall. This ranch has been raising Angus cattle here for over 20 years, with the emphasis on maternal strength - fertile, easy fleshing, good uddered, and moderate deep ribbed cattle. Most all of these females go back to Emulation Ext and Traveler 6807.

These cattle see plenty of hard days in this country, from dry summers to frigid cold winters. By selecting and culling for only the cattle that can perform in this environment, they should excel under most range conditions. We are asking them to do this on predominately foothill and mountain grass, with as little supplemental protein as possible. We ask them to travel long distances over rocky terrain to feed and water, maintain pregnancy, and bring in a good calf. They are feed hay or supplement from the beginning of calving through AI, and then turned out. Again we want these cattle to be tested on bad days here, so we know they will hold up during tough times, were ever they may go.

We sell around 100 head of yearling bulls and 30 selected two-year-olds at the beginning of March each year. These are truly the top of the bull calves raised here on the ranch. They are feed a balanced ration to test performance, but not hinder structural growth. All bulls are ultra-sounded and go through breeding exams before they sell. We continue to develop two-year-old growth bulls on the ranch, and at each year’s sale the heifer bulls will remain the majority of yearlings and the majority of the growth bulls will be two years of age. Since we are aware that accidents happen, we guarantee our bulls for the first YEAR. We realize that in a lot of areas you may not see all the bulls until late fall and they may not be retested until winter. This guarantee will cover you because we stand behind our cattle!

Please contact us with any questions, and feel free to stop by anytime you’re in the area.
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Functional Angus cattle, raised in a very rugged environment  .